Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of the common questions we receive regarding the DIVVY System.

Will the DIVVY purify salt water?

No, desalination typically uses large amounts of energy and specialized, expensive equipment, making it much more expensive than fresh water purification from conventional sources such as rivers or groundwater. The DIVVY purifies most contaminated fresh water sources.

How much water can the DIVVY purify in one day?

The P.O.D. (Point of Distribution) can filter 4 to 5 gallons per minuter; 250 gallons per hour; approximately 2500 gallons per day with one tank; 6,000 gallons per day filtering continuously with three tanks.

Does the DIVVY have a shelf life? What is the useful life of a filter?

A dry unused filter properly stored and protected from moisture and sunlight has a shelf-life of many years. Sealed in the filter housing, the filter should last indefinitely. When used continuously for water filtration, the life of the filter is 25,000 to 50,000 gallons depending on the turbidity of the water being filtered. After use at an events with any amount of water, the filter should be replaced if it is not going to be use in the subsequent 48 hours.

Can the DIVVY be stored in freezing conditions?

If the DIVVY system is stored dry, freezing conditions will not damage the system.

How much does the DIVVY system weigh?

The complete DIVVY 250 three case system weighs 211 lbs. (80 kg.) Fill Case weights 63 lbs. (25 kg.) POD Case weighs 84 lbs. (34 kg.) Tank Case weighs 64 lbs. (21 kg.)

Will the DIVVY system purify swimming pool water, so we can drink it in an emergency?

Yes, all that is required is the POD (filter housing/pump/distribution lines) to filter the chlorinated water for particulate and chlorine removal. Raising the chlorine level to 4 ppm in the pool prior to filtering the water would assure purification.

What power source is required to pump and filter the water?

Both the fill pump and the filter pump are human powered, requiring no fuel or electricity to operate.

How many replacement pre-filters do you provide with the sytem?

Two people can fill a 250 gallon tank on a level surface in 20 to 30 minutes, without much trouble. Pumping is somewhat more difficult when pumping uphill.

Are the hand pumps hard to pump for extended periods?

On a level plane, the hand pumps are easy to operate. Alternating with a second person, continuous pumping is a reasonable expectation.

How long does it take to fill the 250 gallon treatment tank with the fill pump?

Two people can fill a 250 gallon tank on a level surface in 20 to 30 minutes, without much trouble. Pumping is somewhat more difficult when pumping uphill.

What chemicals do you use to treat the water in the DIVVY 250 tank?

Calcium hyochlorite [Ca(OCl)2] in a granular form is mixed with water and poured into the tank as the tank is being filled. This produces a mixture of 4 to 6 parts per million of residual chlorine considered "super chlorination."

What is the pore sizing on pre-filter? How many replacement pre-filters do you provide with the system?

The pre-filter is a 50-100µm rated, non-woven bag filter. Each DIVVY unit comes with six pre-filters.

Is the calcium hypochlorite already measured and in the liner?

The calcium hypochlorite is already measure but not in the liner. It is packaged in pre-dosed containers, one dose/250 gallons.

What quantity of hypochlorite does it come with? what percentage of it is free chlorine?

Each tank is shipped with 180 dose. The calcium hypochlorite is rated at 73%

How do you ensure the water is thoroughly mixed with the chlorine in the tank?

The mixing instructions include a "pre-disslove" step to make sure that all of the solid calcium hypochlorite is in solution prior to adding it to the water in the liner. A mixing container is supplied. The solutions souls be added to the tank before the tank is half-full.

What is the recommended contact time?

Recommended contact time is 1 hour.

How many gallons will the filter remain effective for?

Each filter will remove the chlorine from the treated water for up to 20,000 gallons.​

How many filter cartridges does the system come with?

The unit is shipped with one filter.

Can you backwash the microfilter to get longer lifespan?

Since the filter is a carbon block filter it cannot be backwashed or regenerated.

Are the filter completely disposable?

The filters are disposable, however special disposal rules may apply if high concentration of radioactive materials are detected.

Can I just buy a new filter and reuse the canister to keep costs down or is the filter and canister a monolithic design?

The canister/housing is permanent, the filter is replaceable. We have designed a cassette system to make filter change-out and service easy and problem free.

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