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DIVVY Fill Pump Station - Product Technology

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Engineered for High Volume: Made of cast aluminum with dual diaphragm design to pump in both stroke directions for a high volume fluid transfer of up to 35 gallons/min (135 liters/min).  Engineered with a 6 meter lift potential to get water from low spots to higher ground for effective handling.  Internal valving system  handles solids to prevent clogging and prevents back flow.  Replaceable pre-filter sock and feed water strainer remove large particles at the water source.

Ergonomic Design: Extended handle is ergonomically correct for ease of operation.  Integrated foot rest prevents tipping and enables the operator to increase the power of each stroke.  Elevated tripod platform keeps equipment off the ground and is stable on uneven surfaces.

Efficient Transport and Storage: Designed to be efficiently stored, transported, and deployed.  Easy "Cam-Lock" hose fittings and "tool-free" pump connections make it possible to set up and re-pack the DIVVY Fill Pump Station in less than 10 minutes. 

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