All Geigerrig Products

Hydration Engines

Award winning hydration reservoirs for pressurization.

Geigerrig RIG (Red)

Low profile pack with minimal design and comfort in mind.


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Geigerrig RIG Cadence

Lightweight, low-profile vest that can be used for any activity.


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RIG 300M

The next evolution of the traditional low profile RIG.

Geigerrig RIG Guardian

Low profile, high pressure, impact-absorbing hydration pack.


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RIG 500

The original Geigerrig, versatile and always ready for any activity.

RIG 650

Designed with Mountain Bike roots, the 650 will take you on any trail.

RIG 700M

The next evolution of the traditional RIG 700.

RIG 710

Agressive design with multiple storage options and built in rain fly.

RIG 1200

Handles anything from a day hike to a long day at school.

RIG 1600M

The next evolution of the traditional RIG 1600.