Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the treatment is still effective if I have exposed them to high temperatures or other abuse?

When is it Safe to Drink Water after Adding Tablets?

What is the difference between a RED Line and GRN Line Filter and How Do I Choose?

Why is the flow rate so slow through my Red Line filter when I set it up for gravity flow?

Why is the Frontier Max filter more difficult to suck through than my old filter?

Why do the marks on the casing of my Frontier Max Filter looks like it has been used?

What happens if my filter freezes?

How do I clean and store my Series II Filter Bottle until I use it again?

I tried my Frontier Pro today with tap water from a bottle and black water came out. It cleared up after a few ounces but I want to be sure the filter is safe to us.

I treated a 55 gal. drum with Aquamira 4 years ago. I recently purchased another 2 oz. Do I need to drain and start over or can I re-treat?

Why is the gravity flow with my Red Line Filter so slow?

Can the pump and filter be connected directly to my pressurized water faucet?

The adapter for the 5 gallon carboy screws in but why won’t the water pass through?

Do I need to chemically treat the water before using the Red Line Series II Filter?

How can I maximize the life of my filter?

How many gallons will each filter treat?

Can coconut shell carbon cause an allergic reaction for someone allergic to coconut?

How do you clean an Aquamira filter?

What is required to be a “purification filter?”

What does it mean when you say, “Improves taste and odor?”

What is the micron rating or pore rating for Aquamira filters?

How do you store a water filter between uses?

When is a water filter no longer usable?

What makes Aquamira Chlorine Dioxide treatment drops different from other forms of chlorine dioxide?

What are the time frames for effective treatment of surface waters?

Why treat stored water with Aquamira Chlorine Dioxide?

Why is Aquamira Chlorine Dioxide considered a breakthrough in water treatment technology?

Is there chlorine in chlorine dioxide?

How safe is Aquamira Chlorine Dioxide Treatment?

How does Aquamira Chlorine Dioxide Treatment work?

How much water will one Aquamira Chlorine Dioxide kit treat?

Is it essential to premix parts A and B before adding to water, or can each part be added separately into the water container?

What measurements do I use for larger quantities of water such as 5 gallons?

What is the difference between the drops and the tablets?

What is the shelf life of the Aquamira Chlorine Dioxide Treatment?

What is the difference between Aquamira Chlorine Dioxide Treatment drops and common bleach?

What is the difference between chlorine dioxide and iodine?

How often should I treat stored water with Aquamira?

When should I add Aquamira to my containers?

Why does the drops label say “kills odor causing bacteria” and nothing else?

Should chlorine dioxide be added before or after filtering the water?

Does Aquamira Water Treatment have any known side effects?