DIVVY 750 Emergency Water System

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DIVVY 750 Emergency Water System

DIVVY 750 three tank system, is the only 100% human-powered emergency water supply system on the planet capable of dispensing lifesaving purified water at a rate of 2,500 – 6000 gallons per day.


DIVVY can be customized to meet the precise drinking water needs of any concentrated population. Within 20 minutes a single person, without technical training or tools, can assemble the complete system. Universities, corporate campuses, municipal govt’s, NGOs, and healthcare facilities can confidently and cost-effectively deploy DIVVY to provide safe hydration during a water system crisis.

Features and Benefits

  • Practical— simple and intuitive design, easy to use, no tools required.
  • Portable—Easy to transport, carry and store.
  • People Powered—Fully operational without fuel or electricity.
  • Purpose Built—Proven to meet the rugged demands caused by emergency or disaster.