Emergency Blanket SM (Emergency Orange)

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Emergency Blanket SM (Emergency Orange)

The Aquamira Emergency Blanket is constructed with Microfiber Technology that helps to make this blanket soft and comfortable. With ATI Microfiber, this emergency blanket includes its own carrying case that leaves room for you to store other emergency related items.


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You can also use your Aquamira Emergency Blanket while you watch television, in your camper or car, as well as when you are traveling on an airplane. For emergency preparedness, be sure to check out our complete line of Aquamira products. This microfiber blanket is machine washable and can be dried and reused without compromising its comfort and softness.

Features and Benefits

  • Sand Shade
  • Dimensions: 77" X 61"
  • Contains Microfiber Technology
  • Ideal for camping, traveling and emergencies