Geigerrig Insulated Tube Garage

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Geigerrig Insulated Tube Garage

Strap the Geigerrig Insulated Tube Garage to any hydration pack to stop drink tube freezing. Holds a hand warmers to prevent freezing in snow and winter conditions.


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If you have ever used a hydration pack in the winter, you know how hard it is to prevent your drinking tube and bite valve from freezing in cold temperatures. That’s why we created the Geigerrig Insulated Tube Garage.

Quickly strap the tube garage to any hydration pack (such as a Camelbak®, Osprey®, or Source™ Pack) and route your drink tube into the garage with the full range zipper. The built in insulation will work to protect the tube from breezes and reducing temperatures. If the cold weather works harder, simply tuck a hand warmer into the internal mesh pocket and stop your hydration tube from freezing.

Technical Information

The Insulated Tube Garage uses insulating padding and an internal mesh pocket to prevent your drinking tube from freezing. When you activate a hand warmer and tuck it in the mesh pocket, the generated heat gets trapped inside the garage and prevents the tube from getting too cold.

Fits Strap Widths Up to 3.25" Straps
Dimensions 19.5" L x 3" W x 1.25" D
Weight 2.75 oz.
Material 500D Poly

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable velcro straps for attaching tube garage to any hydration pack
  • Full length zipper with easy grip zipper pull for quick use with gloves
  • Internal mesh hand warmer pocket for keeping the heat where you need it most
  • Durable polyester construction to protect your drink tube from the elements and debris
  • Thick insulation for trapping in heat

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