Safe Drinking Water for People & Communities

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Treat Your Water

Aquamira's water treatment unlocks the power of Chlorine Dioxide to safely purify and improve the taste and odor of drinking water from any source.

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Water Treatment

Drinking Water Basics

WaterBasics is a complete system for home and emergency drinking water. Ideal for families, home and car emergency kits. Filters connect to bottles, storage and gravity kits for maximum convenience.

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Emergency Water Made Easy

Protect Your Thirst

When your adventure calls for lightweight, compact and field-tested drinking water security, nothing protects your thirst better than our line of Frontier filters.

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Protect Your Thirst

Emergency Water System

The DIVVY system produces thousands of gallons of safe drinking water for pennies per gallon. This human powered system is vital for community disaster relief, hospitals, corporate campuses and universities.

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Emergency Water Supply

Protecting Communities

A reliable and safe drinking water supply is central to public health and disease prevention following an emergency or natural disaster. Our DIVVY Emergency Water System is the first line of protection for Municipal Governments, Universities, Hospitals, the National Guard, NGO's & more.

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